Our Trustees

Our Trustees play an essential role in the running of The Gul Mawaz Khan Memorial Foundation

Babar Raja

Babar is a civil servant and a philanthropist specialising in education, diversity and human rights. Inspired by stories of his forefathers bravery and integrity to the Crown and humanity at large, he founded the foundation named after his great grandfather Gul Mawaz Khan. After discovering that numerous soldiers who sacrificed their lives fighting for Britain were overlooked, he continues to formally work for their recognition and remembrance. 

“Gul Mawaz Khan always expressed deep concern for the respect, betterment and wellbeing of all soldiers and their families, irrespective of colour and creed”



Qaisar Raja

Qaisar worked in the banking industry for seventeen years at senior level, before deciding to move into philanthropy and Holistic life coaching. He also works with several Pakistani companies to build and cultivate holistic life understanding within their organizations, and strongly believes that humanity can experience peace, love, interfaith harmony and tranquility in its true spirit only through holistic understanding of life. As co-founder of the Gul Mawaz Khan Foundation, Qaisar is dedicated to promoting and honouring the achievements of all heroes who fought for Britain in WW1 and WW2, so that the present generation and generations to come comprehend how their forefathers sacrificed everything including their lives for their freedom.

“We felt as though we were receiving a strong message from the past to pick things up from where they were left off by our great grandfather”



Asma Javed

Asma was appointed to the Board of Trustees on 12 October 2020. She is connected to the civil services and business community, and is determined to work for the cause carried by the foundation to help remember those who fought for freedom and peace of humanity, and to educate future generations about their sacrifice.

“I strongly believe that the past is a mirror from which we can see the glimpse of the future. Unprecedented services of Gul Mawaz Khan should be reignited for the inspiration of the generations to come”